Since 2005

HASTEGO (Half Step Going Forward Ahead) is a registered trade mark of Link Inc., which was found in 2005 by current CEO Brian Lee in Seoul, South Korea.
Hastego is specialized in crafting mens outer wears such as jackets and coats with high quality pure cashmere, natural fur, and other precious garment materials. With its exceptional quality and craftsmanship techniques, Hastego is one of the leading logo in today’s contemporary fashion in various ages with its modernized, sophisticated, yet classy styles. Its popularities, demands and desires are not the sol result of its techniques, but they are the result of Hastego’s true effort, devotion and aspiration providing luxurious, extravagant, and lavish mens outer wears to today’s leading true gentleman.

Hastego’s collection includes many exceptional and particular man’s outer wears which out performs its competitors in many ways. Hastego’s unique but strict taste of its materials only concedes with the best fur, leather, silk, and cashmere. Hastego’s master crafters’ techniques are unconventionally proven to be the best because of their decades of experiences and know-hows in working with such challenging materials. With its master crafters, Hastego not only utilizes the best and high quality materials, its quality controls are conducted domestically, and its products are manufactured in Korea with careful yet tough inspections. As a result, Hastego produces phenomenal man’s outer wears which exceed its competitors.

In today’s contemporary fashion, everyone can make jackets and coats. However, Hastego’s unique and expertized techniques are so diverse, yet recognized, for many years, Hastego has been the one of the leading supplier of many major fashion companies. Domestically, for many years Hastego has been the one of the leading supplier of Korea’s major fashion companies such as Samsung Fashion, LF Fashion, Kolon Fashion and many more. Hastego is currently thriving every year as a result of more European firms from Great Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, France, and Austria are turning to Hastego to provide with solitary and exclusive quality, yet affordable natural fur & leather mens outer wears. With its rate of popularities and potential growth currently, Hastego makes its international sales exclusively through the fashion exhibitions. Hastego logo can be found in many participating stores for today’s leading young and old.

Hastego continues to make and provide sophisticated yet affordable garments. Hastego’s collection blends in with today’s fashion trend yet with its classy appearance, people find its uniqueness, rarity, and oriental aroma to possess one. With all above, Hastego will not only grow but it will lead today’s contemporary fashion with its brand power, and its aspiration.




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